…why drink the water from my hand, contageous as you think I am?…

It was a beautiful day out today. I was able to get a lot of flowers planted and some other minor work done. The largest flower bed will have a rectangular salvia box with a salvia heart outline around pink petunias. The two ends of the rectangle will also have pink and then there will be a border of deep purple around white and some accents of light blue. This is all beside a floral yin yang. 😉 I’ve gotta be creative this year.

When I arrived home I discovered that my check for $155 from the provincial goverment had not arrived. It appears that the people who don’t make up to a certain amount get NOTHING from this so called “tax relief plan”. It’s basicly the Progressive Conservatives’ bribe to buy the election. I wanted to take the money and then vote those right-wing bastards out. I guess the latter will have to suffice. The only other possibility is that my money went to the apartment mail box. In that case I’ll have to get Nathan to send it here.

My mind is filled with an interconnected landscape of stories. It’s an evolving mess that I hope to soon express properly. I can’t seem to write them out in anything other than fits and prose below what I wish to write. I feel they are vital to share, though, so surely they will be.

One story I just had come to me today should be interesting and offensive should I ever write it. It’s about a clergyman who finds renewed faith and leaves his ministry to do a different sort of good. Vague? Yes, but I surely can’t give away the other details. I will say that I need to do some biblical research to ensure I can use the proper lines and historical facts to back up his revelation. It’s all about truth.

I’m always finding beautiful lines in the songs I listen to during the day that I want to share, but by the time I return to write I find I’ve forgotten them completely. Maybe a pen and a notepad will become new gardening tools to combat this slight of mind.

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