Weak End

I’ve made an attept to keep busy this weekend and do things that needed to be done. On Saturday my parents visited and brought another car load of books for me. It took a good while to sort through it all, but I now have a table full of books to sell, give away and recycle.

Tomorrow it seems I’ll be hanging out with my friend Wanda. It’s been quite a few months since I was last able to, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her. I must remember to check out some used book stores as well, so that I can part with some of those books I need to dispose of.

Tuesday is the Buck 65 album release party at the Marquee. That should definitely be a great time. Also on that day I will of course pick up Buck’s Talkin’ Honky Blues and A Perfect Circle’s The Thirteenth Step.

I see the stars in the curtain. I hear the call and I’m ready to exit. If all the world’s a stage, in a sorrowful stage of corruption, it’s time to start a new play. I play on words, and I play the holy fool. I’m ready for the road. I’ll take a dance with the sun, and sleep with the moon. It’s time to end the muse’s flirt and take the offered kiss. It’s time to regain the song, regain the word and regain life.
[ Music: Matthew Good – Lullaby for the New World Order ]

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