On The Path To Tao

“I am being driven forward

Into an unknown land.

The pass grows steeper,

The air colder and sharper.

A wind from my unknown goal

Stirs the strings

Of expectation.

Still the question:

Shall I ever get there?

There where life resounds,

A clear pure note

In the silence”

– Dag Hammarskjold

I’m taking the time to ponder spam that tries to convince me I want to look 20 years younger. 9 months is not the age I consider to be my peak.

I have been trying to practive playing my guitar more often in the past few days, following some lessons that Nathan has been suggesting. Progress is quite slow, but I’m determined to learn to play this instrument, so I’ll stick with it as long as it takes. I feel very at peace with the guitar in my hands, despite my lack of ability.

Tomorrow night I might be going to see Bif Naked at The Marquee Club with my friend April. It should be a great time if we can get tickets. I’m not a huge fan of Bif, but I’m sure she’d be great to see live.

Saturday is going to be the first Smash Hash Weekend, a planned get together of some of my friends here at the cave for some gaming, hanging out and general good times. I’m hoping it can all come together, but confirmations are still up in the air. My fingers are crossed.

This morning I watched Enlightenment Guaranteed, a wonderful German (subtitled) film that dealt with two troubled middle-aged brothers who travelled to Japan to stay at a monastery and their search for meaning in their lives. Their interaction was humourous and very well protrayed. There were subtle things about their behaviour that I thought showed great acting prowess by the two leads. With my recent understanding of Taoism I was able to recognize the Zen teachings’ roots in Taoism, though their rituals seemed to be a bit overdone in relation to my understanding of Tao. It’s a great film, so check it out!

I have at last finished reading The Tao of Inner Peace by Diane Dreher. It was really a very enlightening book, one I fully intend to review in the future, and practice its lessons in my daily life. It has had some very important impacts on my life that I’m very thankful for. I certainly would encourage you all to pick it up if you can.

Here are some highlights from the final chapters:

“Taoist Problem Solving” – working with cycles, wisdom of prevention, solving problems with cycles, turning problems into resources, priciple of return, cycles and solutions, thinking globally and acting locally

“The Importance of Timing” – seasons of our lives, accepting our changes (adulthood and spiritual maturity), beginning a new cycle, respecting cycles, beginnings and endings, the wisdom of beginning, widsom of endingds, timing means prevention

“Transcending Hostile Cycles” – recognizing energy drains, the path to transcendence, centering, nonresistance, taking positive action, yin and yang positive acts, responding with clear vision, transcending hostile cycle for yourself, transcending hostile cycles and reaching out to others, transcending hostile cycles in society

“Leading With The Tao” – transcending old stereotypes, leading through cooperation, observing the cycles (watching and listening), leading with courage, leader as facilitator

“Keeping The One” – recognizing the one, practical mysticism, affirming oneness in our world, living the one

“The Way of Love” – the unifying power of love, love is an active process, the way beyond ego, the way of self-acceptance, transcending judgement, transcending anger, living in the present, the way of loving service

“Harmonious Action: Wu Wei” – harmonious action, nonviolent attitude, the power of trust, attention to process

“Resolving conflict” – avoiding dualism, how to stop making enemies, achieving clarity, the politics of nonviolence, bearing witness for truth, nonviolent action, promoting clarity, affirming compassion, affirming oneness

“Building Cooperation” – common goals, Taoist communication, listening to others, communicating honestly, building consensus, cooperating with nature, building cooperative politics

“The Tao of Community” – recognizing our interdependence, building your local community, discovering new kinds of communities, supporting your natural community, reaching out to the larger community, reaching out to support your global community

“Creating Taoist Politics” – claiming our personal power, leading from grassroots, practicing holistic politics, living the process

These chapters have helped to affirm my political views, focus on some problem areas of my life, and to encourage me to take direct action in my life. It has definitely been a rewarding and strengthing part of my life while reading this book, and I will make true efforts to continue my growth.


I now know my life is peaceful and harmonious.

I recognize the natural cycles and work with them.

I recognize the energy cycles in my world.

I feel my oneness with all life on this planet.

I see myself as part of a living community.

I affirm this oneness daily through cooperation, compassion, and service.

I think globally, act locally, reaching out to my community, near and far.

I communicate clearly, listen carefully, and respect the views of others.

I cooperate more each day, living the wisdom of Tao.

Centered and powerful, I live my beliefs.

I lead from the grassroots, working for the good of all.

I think holistically, act cooperatively, practice Taoist politics.

I always remember that life is a process.

I affirm the wisdom of wu wei.

I practice harmonious action, nonviolent attitude and attention to process.

I am careful with my timing.

I resolve conflict with compassion.

I center myself.

I seek clarity.

I affirm oneness and work with the larger patterns.

I act nonviolently, treating everyone with love and respect.

I keep the one in my life.

I am one with all the life on this planet.

I avoid fragmentation and affirm oneness through positive action.

I lead with Tao.

I live with compassion.

I love and nurture myself.

I do not criticize myself or others.

I channel my anger into constructive outlets.

I live in the present, releasing the past.

I reach out in loving service.

I listen carefully, aware of the cycles within and around me.

I cooperate with them.

I act with courage and confidence.

I work with my team for the good of the whole.

I practice the wisdom of prevention.

I affirm the order of Tao in my life.

I overcome the hostile cycles within and around me.

When faced with problems, I look to the larger cycles and cooperate with Tao.

I think globally, act locally.

I center myself, release negativity, and take positive action.

I respect myself and the process.

I harmonize with nature and all others in my world.

I accept greater peace in my life now.

And so it is.

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  1. LOVE This BOOK! I actually printed some of the principles and mantras and posted them at work for me to revisit later on. The most powerful chapter was about transcending hostile cycles. It truly works.

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