This afternoon I went in search of concert tickets and a present for my mother’s birthday. I found both, with the latter taking considerable deliberation. I finally decided on The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis, a book about the life of a local folk artist whose work my mother enjoys.

I returned home and talked with Ashley for a while before leaving for downtown. I met April at Scotia Square and then we walked around talking for a while before taking a seat by the clock tower, where we spent some time observing the city and talking more about such things as “holy magical maple”.

We made it to the Marquee half way through The Mudmen’s set and waded in to the center of the floor. The band was alright, but they haven’t impressed me any of the times I have seen them live.

We made in up to a few people back from the stage between acts, and managed to stay there when Bif Naked came onto the stage despite a rather unfortunate drunk who fell onto April. Bif put on a great show, playing mostly songs I knew and working the crowd well. “Spaceman” was the definite highlight for me. I could not have admitted to be a huge fan of Bif before this concert, but I definitely have a new appreciation for her now.

Brittin Black, the guitarist for Live on Release, and also Bif’s touring guitarist, tapped me on the shoulder and passed in front of April and I while we were waiting for Bif to play. I suppose that’s my brush with fame for the night. I found it amusing, at least.

After the show I waited with April in the drizzle until her parents picked her up. Then I was walking and wandering my way back here.


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