I waited for a walk light to appear, and stared at the orange hand keeping my feet still. Droplets of water felt more like a river as they flowed over me and soaked every strand of hair and every scrap of cloth I wore. I was hoping the light would be quick to change.

Despite the orange light, a girl began to cross the street towards me. I paid it little attention, because it’s not uncommon for most people to ignore the lights, especially in the rain. When she was a foot in front of me she looked up and glanced in my eyes. A car drove by, just on her heels. “I was just too impatient to wait,” was all she said as she passed by.

The light soon changed and I dashed across the street, eager to make it to a certain book store before it closed. I was too late, but I didn’t really care too much. The simple and unexpected encounter in the pouring rain stuck with me and has kept me thinking since then. About what I’m not sure, but I’ve been actively thinking, and that’s always a positive thing.

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