Moths + Fireflies: First Fire Dances

Slip into a gown of whisper-smoke
I’ll drop my dusty road-rags for good
The flames will lick my heels and rise
We’ll flicker and dance for hours

The sparks, they light your autumn eyes
And I’m locked to them, devoted
A burning moth reborn with grace
Your firefly lips in hide-and-seek act

Years of memories fall bright yellow
Stripped away by sweet long moments
They curl with the heat and darken
Become a soft ash bedding of our pasts

Promise filled looks and exhaled now
Leap with each brushing contact
Small lights bursting forth in showers
Limbs exploding with unleashed energy

An orchestra of heated air lifts
Shaking needles of the pines with song
Trembling so slight and unified
Despite all the world now ablaze

Smoke curls beyond the tree tops
Coals glow, a gentle mirror of sunlight
Warm beneath the sleeping flames
Dream the indivisable ashes gently

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