My lover. My peace. My underwater breath. My green. My blue.

I absorbed the last word and dot of Hawksley Workman’s Hawksley Burns For Isadora mere moments ago. 50 pages of love, danger and a web of meaning passed through my eyes quickly and effortlessly. It was a wonderfully sensual read filled with beautiful symbolism and words dripping with love and passion.
It was a book composed of 25 letters from Hawksley Workman to Isadora, an enigmatic lover who emerged from Hawksley’s imagination and from beneath the ice covering a winter lake. The letters fuse poetry and prose seamlessly, and create an enchanting and haunting landscape of passionate love filled with symbols of nourishment, the natural world and folklore. All are enfused with with true emotion and thus intensified.
Each letter from Hawksley to Isadora is accompanied by a companion drawing by Beverly Hawksley. These are facinating works themselves, and lend much to the story and to the decoding of symbols.The female forms depicted are more curved and realistic, and also symbolic, than can be found in much of mainstream art, and I think this aids the presentation of Isadora as both very natural, and also somehow supernatural.
I really appreciated how often Lover/Fighter references this book in its lyrics and packaging. The theme of fighting for beauty is apparant in both, and Hawksley’s website helps to meld the two further through the use of a quote from the final letter as the anchor of the main page.
This is a book to treasure and to read when you are in love, or looking for it. The pages are meant to be slipped under your pillow to guide your dreams. These words are words you need to absorb, words that will tempt your resolve with commitment. Read it.

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