I decided to break out some Melissa Etheridge. It’s been some time since I last listened to any of her albums. She’s one of those artists who I forget I enjoy so much very easily. Breakdown creeps back every now and then, though, and I have a solid reminder.

I was introduced to another artist tonight. My good friend Wanda sent me Damien Rice‘s O today. It’s an enjoyable album that she spoke very, very highly of. I haven’t given it a lot of ear-time, but I’ll get around to that very soon. Check his music out when you can.

Through his site I also stumbled upon Carrie Tree, a singer with a beautiful voice and very well crafted songs. The few I’ve been able to listen to are enchanting and hauntingly sad. I really must try to find her Sketching Tides EP somewhere, though I fear she is one of those artists not well known on this side of the Atlantic. That’s a real shame, because she’s a really gifted artist.
Carrie Tree can captivate the casual passer by with a purity of voice and depth of perception that opens hearts and moves minds’. Carrie began composing at 14 and accompanies her exquisite vocals with piano, guitar, djembe and flute. [x]

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