Wednesday night Nova Scotia was hit with the biggest snow storm in recorded history. Around one meter of snow was dumped on us, and essentially shut down the province for several days. My street and its sidewalks are now cleared, but as of last night there was a heavy layer of snow on the road and the sidewalks were not traversable.

During a walk yesterday I had to climb huge snow banks to just get around the block. It was quite difficult to get anywhere in the local area, even with some clearing acomplished. Now those snow banks are even higher, and stand as white corridors down the street’s now cleared sidewalks.

Last night there was even a curfew imposed on the Halifax Regional Municipality that kept everyone off the roads and sidewalks from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. in order to ensure safety as roads were cleared. A $1000 fine and confiscation of vehicles awaited any offenders. Today the state of emergency and curfew remain in place.

Unfortunately, the province is supposed to be dealt another blow of percipitation tonight. The western half of the province is expecting another fairly heavy dose of snow, and Halifax could also be hit with some. It seems the winter gods are in the mood to hit Nova Scotia harder than we’ve been hit in all memory.

You can read more about the storm and the recovery here.

I’ve been making the best of being snowed in and having the city shut down. I’ve made attempts to meditate and read more often, and prepared for returning to the job hunt as soon as that becomes possible. I’ll hopefully be able to accomplish lots more over the weekend.

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