Apollo In Silhouette

Currently, I live in Halifax, the capital city of the province Nova Scotia, which is part of Canada. I’ve called Nova Scotia home all my life, and I grew up in the rural community of Dean. Living here has shaped who I am more than I could express, but I consider myself to be a rover, as I am always filled with wanderlust and the experiences I’ve had in other parts of the world have been of great importance to me as well.
All of my life I have been enchanted by books and stories. I believe they offer a great wealth of experience and knowledge that we would be hard pressed to find without them. I’ve read mostly fantasy for the past decade, but I find that I’m branching out now into other areas that are becoming increasingly interesting to me. History and spirituality are among the new areas I feel drawn to.
I have a great love of music. I listen to a wide variety of music genres, from jazz to celtic and from rock to eclectic. Music is highly motivating and enlightening for me, and thus I include it in any aspect of my life that I can. It’s rare for me to go long without listening to music in some form.
The role I’ve embraced most is that of a writer. I write because it brings me great joy and satisfaction to be able to express my ideas and to have an outlet to share my thoughts. Though I surely am not a highly skilled writer, I love the act of writing, and will continue to write all my days.
I’m an evolving soul. I’ve chosen to take a wandering spiritual path that incorporates aspects of various systems of belief. I always wish to be learning and experiencing new spiritual changes. My personal experiences and the teachings of others have lead me to a path of the divine, and I will tread it with care and enthusiasm. A patchwork spiritual quilt suits me best because I have never been able to reconcile conflict I’ve had with most religions’ teachings. Change, compassion and evolution are my constants.
I strive to be as compassionate as I can. I believe in the virtues espoused by egalitarianism, philanthropy and socialism and try to promote them as much as I can, both in myself and in others. I am of the belief that it is our duty as residents of this world to do all we can to make it a better world for all.

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