Call Off The Search

I’ve become quite enamored with Katie Melua and her debut album, Call Off The Search. Ms. Melua is a strikingly unique jazz and blues singer, originally from the U.S.S.R., who has taken the U.K. by storm, selling some 1.2 million albums there on an indie label (with only six staff). Call Off The Search will be released on June 8 on this side of the Atlantic, and promises to be one of the landmark releases of 2004.
The album opens with the light title track, which serves as a perfect introduction to Melua’s wonderful and full ranged voice. “Crawling Up A Hill” follows with infectious instrumentation and further showcase of the vocal and thematic diversity this artist is capable of, and proves to be one of the most exciting tracks. “The Closest Thing To Crazy,” the first single which was released, is a romantic and enticing song which, not surprisingly, enchanted the masses in the U.K. “Blame It On The Moon” is another highlight, combining sweeping instrumentation with Katie’s excellent vocals. “Faraway Voice” is a vocal tour-de-force that both displays technical prowess and awareness of theme. “Lilac Wine” closes the disc with poignant longing and sweetness in a combination that is a beautiful and fitting end to a truly wonderful album.
You’ll surely be hearing much from and about Katie Melua in the coming months and years. Not only does she have exceptional and evident talent and passion, but her approach to music is very refreshing and indicative of a long and exciting career to come. Her own words provide a telling example of her attitude, “I strongly believe that great artists are artists who are original and talented in their music and performance. Music should be performed live. It is offensive to the audience if you mime.” Katie Melua stands poised on the brink of gaining a vast audience, and you’ll do yourself a tremendous injustice if you don’t join it.

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