Risking Notes and Leaves

Thursday night I visited Cerra with Risk in hand and spent several hours in heated battle for Middle Earth (we were using my roommate Nathan’s copy of Lord of the Rings Risk). We finished two games (which we split in victories) before dark. I quite enjoy playing board games, especially in good company.
Friday morning I went with Cerra to the train station again. I had intended to leave behind a book for Book Crossing . com at the station for some lucky passenger of the rail way, but despite a reminder from Cerra (and also in proxy from A Bitter Cherry) I forgot to leave the book. I must make an effort to leave the book again.
Friday afternoon Nathan’s friend Andrew visited, so we spent the evening gaming. We ended this in the late hours of the night with a game of Risk. It was one of the closest games I’ve played in some time, and was again quite enjoyable.
Slow motion’s prevailing in my solitary life. There’s been far too little progress in it for my liking. It’s a phase of stagnation of the sort that always deeply troubles me. When there’s no evolution there’s barely survival.
I sent off a large batch of books this past week, and it feels good to have the additional space. I find it cathartic to clean out the physical things I have accumulated since my childhood. I find that rather than passing away memories, it helps to strengthen them by sending off the physical reminders sometimes. One dresser drawer and half a cubic meter box remain filled with books that should leave soon.
I have a large collection of comics (mostly of the superhero variety) that I haven’t been able to find new homes for yet. There isn’t much of a market for most of them right now, and I’d rather not just recycle them. If anyone knows of a way I could pass them along to someone who’d appreciate them, please let me know.
Two Fridays ago, while hanging out with Cerra and a couple of her friends at a bar, I noticed that the music being played was in alphabetical order, playing Big Sugar, Big Wreck, Bob Seger and, by the time we left, on to Collective Soul (a band that was long my absolute favourite). This observation prompted me to schedule an alphabetical listening to all the music I have. I have quite a large collection of music, so it will take a long time to get through every last song, but thus far I’ve listened to all the songs I have from 3 Doors Down to Counting Crows. If nothing else, this will give me a chance to notice some underlistened gems (of which I have a countless number, surely).

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