Dryad Tidings In Communion

Pine asked of the world beyond this wood
Her shrinking, seiged home not tidings-haunted
Voice sweet with concern for other life
Her eyes filled with worry and unhid fears

I gave word of what I could recall
Told of wars, false and true, throughout the sphere
I warned of heedless greed and advance
Cursed rampant violence and deep blindness

I witnessed hope where it still grows strong
Praised the true souls who will become healers
Words of longing to create change spilled
From my world-weary self, honest and bright

The ladies of the wood shared their shock
Shed tears for the multitude of lost ones
They gave their will to healing conscience
Lifted my spirit with their encouragement

I asked Maple of her woods’ residents
Asked Pine of the land sweeping from this core
I sought to understand and know this wood
Thirsted to know beauty this life-enriched

Maple lilted of the fawns spring-bound
Birds’ deft winging past many forking tree limbs
Spiders-caught delicate nourishment
And each small life sparking and fading out

Tales of far-delving roots Pine conveyed
Stream paths were histories of unknown time
Shrinking domains altered wood culture
Her pride withstood, surpassing survival

The joy of the life-network filled us
Troubles were not diminished, still known true
Living was brighter, a light-fuel within
Communion gave us great strength and purpose

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