Rainfall Siege

In a great circle around, rain fell
Furiously it continued down
A wall of water erected high
Besieging this tree Pine anchored to

We sat within the sound of the wall
Held safe within a peace far more vast
Our shelter was natural magic
A tower of life to live within

Maple sang against the noise outside
Her words a soft language of her own
Her green and blue voice against the white
Transforming to unfold her visions

She painted for us the world renewed
A pheonix made of her melody
Coated in ashes yet rising true
Dripping traces of its new rivers

Burning away fools’ old artifice
Separation, distance and blindness
Fading into past lives like lost sparks
Anger blinking out, lacking its fuel

She granted her water-flamed phoenix
Veins of connecting, deep earthy rails
Sending pilgrims through holy landscapes
Creating webs of mountain unions

Forests took graves back to be new homes
Souls danced with the streams toward balance
Filling need and losing tired want
Cities formed reinvention houses

Her recreation evolved in song
She changed oceans to holy waters
Sweet drops of her voice cleaned out my heart
Her burning hope a sweet transfusion

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