We Deal In Dreams

“Don’t you feel so very pointless here
In the feelings of the rain
In The violence of the sun
I must confess that I feel graciously
To the God and the rain
And hotter than the sun
What do you do

What do you say
When the blood spill is of your loved one
And the kremlins of the world fall around you”
Live – “We Deal In Dreams”

The new Live single, “We Deal in Dreams,” from their best of album, Awake, has become the latest song to make my mind a victim of a song stuck in my head. It’s one of Live’s better singles, with a feel similar to those of their album Throwing Copper. It’s excellently written and fits well with the body of work showcased on the “best of” disc.
If you haven’t listened to Live’s albums, you’re missing out on one of the most exciting and powerful rock bands performing today. Ed’s songcraft is second to none, and the musicianship of the entire band is refreshing. I find Ed’s lyrics to be very moving and spiritually meaningful. I’d highly recommend you pick up the band’s new collection and see for yourself.

” The Fool is by the river
watching, but not swimming
It takes energy not to get used to it
Fall into this place
Where everything rolls together and dies
This quiet kingdom she is now,
Forever will she be, In silence of liberation”
Live – “We Deal In Dreams”

7 comments on “We Deal In Dreams

  1. Oh, I am Going to have to do a search for that. I live in the sticks and can't pick up the radio, and it would be country even I could. BLAH.

  2. “If you haven't listened to Live's albums, you're missing out on one of the most exciting and powerful rock bands performing today”

    I can only agree with you on that. I really have missed a lot in my life until I discovered this amazing band!

  3. There is no other band that makes me feel the way Live makes me feel. If you haven't really dug deep into the lyrics of Ed's songs it is so worth it. Just to see his growth as a human being is amazing. He went from questioning God and what He meant on their first album to telling everyone “I don't need no one to tell me about heaven, I look at my daughter and I BELIEVE!! Very powerful words to put out there for us to learn about one's life. Please do yourself a favor and make this band a top priority in your collection.

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