Working and Moving

Monday night I accepted a job in Halifax that I will start on Saturday. It seems like a job I will enjoy and one that will provide for me amply. I’ll be working as a night watchman at an old, vacant hotel. If ever there was a proper setting for a ghost or horror story, it’d be there. I sure hope I’ll be working Halloween night.
I was given little time to secure a place to live in the city and otherwise make plans for moving and starting work, so I’ve been very busy and stressed for the past couple days. It’s been a mix of excitement at the prospect of being back in the city and working a new job and anxiety over finding a place to live. Remembering to take the time for meditation today helped a great deal to ease the anxiety and to allow myself to accept the conditions I’m facing.

I have changed my verdict on working Halloween night. I think I would rather go see Matthew Good, Limblifter and Auf Der Maur at The Marquee Club. I would love the chance to see three of my favourite bands performing live. It’s been months since I last saw a live concert. Withdrawls have been painful.

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