7lb of Computing Bliss

After nearly four years with my current system, it’s finally time to invest in new computer hardware (it really wasn’t much of a choice, since I’ve had unpleasant luck with this beast recently, including a severing of the display flexiwire and a cracking of the case that have made it essentially immobile as it holds onto a life that very well could be very short). I decided, after council from my friend Mark, to choose a Dell Inspiron 8600, a model that Mark recently ordered for himself. It should last me close to another half decade with my minimal computer power needs.

Intel? Pentium? M Processor 710(1.40GHz/400MHz FSB) 15.4in WSXGA+ (wide screen for DVD watching and general benefit)
512MB,DDR,333MHz 1 Dimm (easy to upgrade down the road)
60GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive (small, because I have plenty of external storage)
8x CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW) Drive
72 WHr Primary Battery / 48WHr Additional Battery for Modular Bay (a self-estimated 6-7 hours)
S-Video: 7-pin mini-DIN connector / Multimedia Cable Kit (for using my laptop on the big screen at work)
Dell? Wireless 1350 Internal Wireless (802.11b/g, 54Mbps)

New Dell 2350 Wireless G Router
Dell 922 All-in-One Photo Printer (because it was free)

Now you know the device through which I’ll be communicating to you with in 7-10 days. I’m more than a little excited at the increased mobility and flexibility the new system will allow me, especially when it comes to writing at work, where I currently rely on my Sony Clie for anything that needs to be typed.

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