A Brief Sharing

I’d like to take up a few words and let you know about some music I’ve discovered in the past month.

Emilie Autumn is an accomplished vocalist and violinist who has produced a haunting album of atmospheric “fantasy-rock” (as the her official bio deems it), Enchant. You can download the album in full at her website here.

The Hampdens is a band hailing from Australia that makes brilliant indie-pop-rock. The band has a distinct sound, a mix of electronica, accoustic pop and R&B. This is a band to watch. Their unique style and such high quality initial offerings indicate greatness. Plus they don’t take themselves seriously, as their fantastic bio will show you.

From my local library I borrowed Katie McMahon‘s debut album, After The Morning. She was a singer with the original Riverdance and, as might be expected in her own work, created a brilliant collection of Irish folk music flavoured with world music.

3 comments on “A Brief Sharing

  1. Wow, I love Emilie Autumn. will most definitely be buying Enchant. And look forward to hearing her collaboration with Billy Corgan.

  2. I read from Billy's fanforums that Emilie is Corgan's girlfriend as well. In any case, I think the pairing will be amazing an they should totally tour together!

  3. she is not his girlfriend – she already has a boyfriend who she has been dating for a long time – he goes by the name birdFEEDER on her emilieautumn.com forum. They have a dog, Willow, together….
    go Emilie!

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