Morvern Callar

I rented a couple films this week so that I could test out the DVD drive of my laptop and break the long string of time since I last watched a good film in the comfort of my living room. The first I watched was Morvern Callar, and it was indeed a good film.
The film follows the title character, Morvern Callar, through an unusual reinvention. The story opens with Morvern dicovering her boyfriend had committed suicide in their kitchen, a revelation she takes in a strikingly nonchalant manner. She steps around the body for days and eventually disposes of it, seeming to take the death as a provider of opportunity at every turn. On through abandon and change, Morvern’s story is powerful because of her unconventional morality and focus on the beautiful mundane.
Visually, the movie is exquisite. The lead actresses, Samantha Morton as Morvern and Kathleen McDermott as Lanna, both have familiar and quite natural beauty in addition to their considerable acting prowess. The attention to detail in the cinematography impressed me greatly, with all the grit and softness displayed with clarity. I was especially struck by the scenes where Morvern interacted with insects, as they underlined the beauty of both.
Morvern Callar is one of the most stimulting and accessable films I have watched. There’s a remarkable sense of beauty and a challenge of moral norms that set it above most other works of the past few years.

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  1. Looks really interesting, just the type of thing I like… just added it to my netflix queue!
    If you haven't seen Heavenly Creatures, do. For some reason, your description made me think of it. It's great, also happens to be Peter Jackson's first film, Kate Winslet's too.

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