With the recent changes in my life (this includes an exciting new relationship and a pending change in jobs) I’ve been reevaluating my goals and looking at how well my approach to them has been working. I’m disappointed with how easily I’ve been distracted from accomplishing what I’d like to, especially in preparing for my writing project.
I’ve already pushed my self-imposed deadline to have a working outline and other preparation in place ahead over a month. I’ve needed that time to dream up some more elements of the story, but I’m concerned that putting off getting down to writing will derail the process significantly. I’m itching to write but know I need to develop some structure first.
In contrast to my feeling of stagnation, during the past week I’ve found myself deeply inspired to write and craft my stories by a number of factors. I’ve been rereading some old stories (a lot of fairytales) and reading some new ones (some work by Jo Clayton, David Lapham and Neil Gaiman) for the first time. I feel the fresh spark of questions that drives my speculating and creating. I’ve also been exposed to some really innovaitve publishing ideas, from the Developing Nations license created by Creaive Commons to some very appealing self-publishing tools I’ve found. Of course, some shifting in my life has me rearranging story elements and fitting the new experiences into the pool of learning I have to draw from.
I’ve also neglected simplifying my life. For a long while I’ve half-jokingly said I want to be able to fit everything I own into the trunk of a car. I’m quite close with everything except for clothes and a box of books. I haven’t changed how I am physically in many years, so I still have clothing I’ve been wearing for five, six or more years. In fact, I’m wearing a pair of jeans now that I’ve had for five years and they’re some of the most comfortable pants I’ve ever owned. However, I do need to clean out some excess clothes and give those away. As for the books, those will be making their way to Ebay or into the hands of some of my friends before long.
I hope that keeping these goals in mind and continuously evaluating my methods will help me keep on track with them. I know that keeping a list (see the sidebar item) has helped to keep those aims seldom far from my thoughts, even when I’m straying.

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