Here I Am

(Don’t let the title confuse you. No, I have not become an incredibly beautiful woman. I will, however let this entry have a double purpose and throw in a Q+A at the end.)

In 1999 and for a couple years after my greatest pure pop indulgence (my guilty pleasure, really) was a Norwegian duo called M2M. I’ll admit to having a slight crush on the two girls (Being infatuated with pairs of girls goes back to my first crushes, just so you know.), but the music was quite enjoyable in its own right. They released only two albums before disbanding, but both showed plenty of promise both as performers and songwriters.

Tonight I’m listening to, Here I Am, the first solo release from Marion Raven, one half of M2M. I wasn’t expecting a pop-rock album, but rather something closer to her previous work; the change seems a good fit for her. After a couple listens, I’m impressed with Marion’s growth as a vocalist and with the production of the album. It’s a dynamic taste of pop with a healthy dash of rock hardness. The lyrics aren’t as well developed as one might hope, but there is progression there and it’s a fair debut. She’ll be someone to keep an eye on in the coming years.

Marit Larsen, the other half of M2M, who I favoured, is also developing a solo album. She’s writing now and will be recording in the fall. I must say I’m looking forward to her release quite a bit more because she’s always come across as the more devoted songwriter (and she has some mighty fine taste in music, with Fiona Apple, The Flaming Lips, Bjork, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan among her inspirations). I’ve heard some songs she performed a few months ago on a radio station and had my expectations raised by those.

You can find plenty of video and audio content from Marion, Marit and M2M at M2MUltimate. Like typical pop stars, they have remarkably obsessed fans, but do try to overlook that, because they’ve got something extra to offer and a tremendous amount of potential.

Now, how about a bit about me, as I promised? Here I Am:

Name: Apollo Isaac Lemmon (a.k.a. Saviour and Jesus)

Birthday: December 10, 1982.

Birthplace: Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, Canada

Physicality: Light skinned, red haired, blue eyes, 6’ish, 170 lbs.

Identifying marks: A scar above my eyebrow and a birth mark on my left shoulder.

Clothing: I tend to wear mostly black and I’m usually in jeans and a shirt.

Do you like your appearance? Mostly, yes. I have days when I’m not so pleased with it, but there’s little I’d change if given the chance.

Personality overview: Lets see… I’m calm, quiet, observant, compassionate, often jovial when with the right people, contemplative and open minded.

Flaws: I’m not overly social, I’m a bit too reserved and hesitant and I can become absorbed by thoughts.

Fears: The only strong fear I have is a fear of losing those I love. It’s something I’m working to overcome with limited success.

Habits: I tend to scan the ground for papers when walking, I flip my hair around a bit more often than is normal, I chew gum almost daily, I have coffee or tea at least a couple times a week and I read and listen to music constantly.

Hedonism: I can’t claim to be hedonistic, truly. I appreciate beauty and pleasure but don’t often pursue them outside daily experience.

Goals: Live with love, benefit the world, find peace, learn of the world, live well.

Ever been in love?: Yes, I certainly have.

Relationship style: I’d say I’m direct, honest, patient, accepting, caring and devoted (perhaps worshipful would fit as well).

Hygeine: I bathe daily and generally keep as clean as I can.

Exercise: I walk a lot but don’t find a fixed exercise routine a good fit for me; I’d rather have healthy activities naturally part of my day.

Do you believe in yourself? I have my doubts from time to time, but I’d say I’m aware of my strengths.

Do you get along with your family? Yes, we get along as well as any I’ve met. I’m very thankful for the relationships I have within my family.

What’s exciting to you? Truth and Beauty in all their forms. I especially enjoy true conversation, open silences, art and nature.

What do you long for? To be able to spend more time with the people I love, to travel and to begin work on something that will have value.

What do you look for in a partner? Kindness, intelligence, beauty (innate rather than superficial), honesty and those commonalities that make sharing lives natural

Your living space: It’s tidy, spacious, somewhat sparse and welcoming (I hope).

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  1. That is a great post and a really interesting group. I can't wait to hear more from them. Thanks for posting. Also, the information about you was quite interesting too. You seem like a good person to know.

  2. That is a great post and a really interesting group. I can't wait to hear more from them. Thanks for posting. Also, the information about you was quite interesting too. You seem like a good person to know.

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