Time and Motion

As I wrote in my last entry, I spent the weekend with my family in Dean. Plenty of fun was had and a lot of catching up was done. It’s a bit odd to know I won’t see most of them until Christmas. We’ve always been a close family, so any lessening of that bond is very foreign.
Each time I return to where I grew up I find myself more aware of my deepseated wanderlust and the feeling I have that all the world is home to me. When I viewed the stars Saturday night I recalled words people have spoken and written to me about always sharing stars no matter where we are. It’s a beautiful sentiment and one I take to heart as a uniting concept. As I’m ordering the last bits of my grand plans, I’m thinking of what my journeying will hold and knowing there’s plenty to explore both in the world, myself and others. Could anything be more exciting than knowing the world awaits?
Over the weekend I had a couple conversations that tied into my wanderlust. This morning I was talking with my mother about the trip across Canada and the U.S.A. in 1994, when I was 11. I was trying to fill in the states I forgot about visiting on my 43 Places list. There were so many unforgettable places and events I experienced during that one summer and I have no doubt that was the nourishment that set the roots of my wanderlust growing deep into my heart. I also spoke with my high school friend Sarah about my wanderlust, places we’ve visited, Susana’s visit and Sarah’s upcoming wedding (I’m still rattled each time someone I know (when my age or younger) gets married or engaged; I feel so ancient then).
I’ve resolved this week to take some steps I need to in order to send myself beyond this place within a year. I’ll finally pare down the last of my excess belongings and, with luck, add more to my slow-to-grow “Launch Apollo into the Sky” fund.

Today I picked up a yerba mat? set of mat? (decorated gourd) and bombilla (straw with filter) I ordered from Argentina, where the drink originated. I wrote about first trying the drink in my “Mat? and Stories” entry nearly a month ago and grew to enjoy it even more when I had it a couple more times after that. I have water heating as I type this and am anticipating sipping some throughout the rest of the night as I contemplate stories, memories and futures.

“Life isn’t so bad; we really shouldn’t take it for granted, when all this time we’re turning, standing on this tiny planet.” – Dan Currie, “Tiny Planet”

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