A Moment’s Return

I’ve been kept busy by work, finding someone to rent my apartment (I didn’t give notice in time to end my lease so I have to find someone to take it over before I can move) and the routine of daily life. Save one exciting evening, it’s been an uneventful week.
Wednesday afternoon I went with my friend Wanda to a free concert on the waterfront that featured The Trews and Joel Plaskett. When I say I went with Wanda, I mean I went with her to the venue and then had her disappear on me before Joel took the stage. The show was excellent. I had seen both bands live several times before and knew to expect a lot. I was blown away by both.
Joel Plaskett played a good number of his hits, including “True Patriot Love” and ” Maybe We Should Just Go Home,” two of my favourites. It’s been a couple years since I last saw Joel perform, but he seemed especially on that night compared with what I can remember of the other show.
The Trews are always impressing me. Every time I see them (which has been quite often since their early days when I saw them opening for Big Sugar) they’ve made a leap. Having recently toured with Robert Plant and The Rolling Stones, they’ve no doubt been pushed to advance their live act, and that definitely was apparant Wednesday night. They were fantastic, proving themselves as one of the most exciting and talented groups in Canada, if not the world. The musicianship and stage presence were of such an awesome level that I can’t imagine how they won’t become huge.
It was a good night, all told, even though I had to rush off to work once the show finished. Work has been going well. I have a new, increased schedule starting next week, but I have a nice long weekend to look forward to when I leave in a couple hours.

Now I must return to working and perhaps sneak in some coffee or tea.

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