Savouring a Hope

There’s something inherently romantic about returning from a walk in the rain and drying with a cup of cinnamon coffee. Autumn puts me in a romantic mood to begin with, but the coffee and my still drying hair make me wish for company, someone to share silences and words with. I’ll settle for writing a journal entry and then, I imagine, cozying up with a good book.

I went walking today in the this afternoon, with the practical excuse of going out to get some food, but really just for the taste of serenity a good shower-walk provides. I walked downtown and then back here, stopping at my favourite natural foods store. As I had just checked out, the casheer, handing me my receipt said, “Keep on rocking in the free world,” which amused me and made me wish every casheer would provide service with a song lyric like this fellow. I’d certainly feel compelled to shop at stores with employees who used better lyrics for their receipt handover.

If there’s one lesson I really should have learned by now, it’s to always save writings periodicly. This morning I had a lengthy entry written when the window suddenly closed, leaving the entry lost in so many on and off bits. I’ll write again about my Friday, the topic of that entry soon, but now I have a book and a comfortable couch calling me.


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