Wander Through the Night

For a long while now one of my goals on 43 Things has been to stay up all night wandering around outside. There have been several nights when I’ve been tempted to do so, but it has never come into fruition as I’ve been lured back to my cozy home. Tonight I’m committed to walk around this beautiful city of Halifax, braving the cool and the rain, until dawn creeps into the sky. I’ll be leaving shortly to pick up some supplies, some food and drink to provide me with energy for the journey, and then I’ll be off with dusk. I’m going to go with as little anticipation and expectation as possible and invite mystery along.
During my wanderings I’ll be bringing along my phone so that I can make some audio journal entries with a service I just signed up to test, Audioblog. It’s a full-featured site for all sorts of video and audio blogging, including podcasting. Tonight will be my experiment with the free trial and if it goes well I may end up creating audio entries more often (it’s been about a year since I made my last one with a different service). The entries should be posting at Frozen Truth . com as I make them, so keep checking back to hear my awkward voice. If you’d like to keep me company by voice, feel free to give me a call if you know my number. Wish me luck, my friends.

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