Apollo in Data

At Daytum.com/apollolemmon I track four aspects of my life. During the past week I averaged 7.75 hours of sleep, 1.28 hours of exercise and 1 hour of meditation each day. The ten foods I consumed most were azuki bean casserole, bananas, chocolate chip cookies, pierogi, jasmine rice, fusilli, cashew chili, mozzarella, and vegetable tofu curry.

This is the first week since I began tracking my data that I have meditated every day. I’m very pleased that I have been able to make meditation part of my daily life and will be continuing for the next 3 months with at least an hour each day. My strength training and eating habits need strengthening and I’ll be working on that this coming week.

This is a quick digest and analysis of my lifelogging data from Tuesday March 2, 2010 to Tuesday March 9, 2010.

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