Chickpea is a beautiful vegan publication, with delightful food photography filling its pages. It is packed with great recipes and small stories behind the featured foods. With each season I have revelled in discovering new meals and treats through it.

I first encountered Chickpea through issues of the magazine my roommate Megan shared with the house. In August of 2011 I had been vegetarian for 8 years and finally decided to transition to being vegan. Chickpea started appearing around our house shortly after I became vegan and it made it easier to explore a new food landscape.

This summer the magazine had a Kickstarter campaign to fund a digital edition and get to a wider audience. I backed the project and have been enjoying PDF versions of the Summer, Fall and Winter issues.

The latest issue can be previewed through Issuu and issues ordered at Chickpea Magazine. Highlights for me were “The Great Beetroot”, “How to Host an Awesome Vegan Cocktail Party” and veganized “Hunter’s Stew”.



bring the vegan community together in a positive way. support fellow vegan artists, writers, and shop owners (and just the average vegan!) banish the traditional ad-centered magazine layout. introduce people to a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle, which works with both healthy food and decadent desserts. create an emphasis on handmade and working from scratch, so that cooking becomes less of a chore and more of a thing to look forward to. after reading plenty of beautiful, inspiring food and writing magazines, we were left wanting more.

we thought, “why not have a place to showcase all of the ideas from vegans online, from people of all culinary levels? a place to celebrate and normalize veganism, to show non-vegans that living vegan is now more fun and rewarding than ever?”

from there i modeled our mission around all whole foods, well-thought out stories and features, appealing to everyone, made beautiful to attract vegans and non-vegans. we’ve brought together so many great ideas, recipes, photography and more from fellow vegans in our online community, showing the best of the best in a high quality way every season. as time goes by, our content changes to fit what the community wants, and we grow a little more every time.

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