The Lotus and the Artichoke

In September of 2012, I backed Justin P. Moore‘s The Lotus and the Artichoke cookbook on Kickstarter. I was excited by the potential of a vegan cookbook that focused on recipes found and adapted from countries across the world. I’ve had the ebook for a couple weeks and have been thrilled by the recipes, photographs and travel accounts.

The book contains recipes from the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe, with many documented with mouth-watering photos. Some of the meals are small twists on common recipes, but there are many inventive and enticing new dishes I hadn’t encountered before.

The Lotus and the Artichoke – Vegan Recipes from World Adventures can be purchased in both ebook and paper formats. Justin also has many recipes available on the book’s website.

However you choose to define your diet and lifestyle, there’s something special for everyone who is turned on by delicious, gorgeous, compassionate, creative international cooking and nutrition.

Perhaps you are already an experienced expert with vegan and plant-based food, maybe you’re an aspiring vegan or mostly-vegetarian, a veg-loving omni, or getting into Meatless Mondays with your partner, family, or friends.

Maybe you aren’t concerned with labels – you just love amazing food and you dream of distant lands. The Lotus and the Artichoke isn’t set on perfectionism, purity, or politics. It’s about possibilities: This is a tribute to world flavor, an inspiration to spice up your life, and an open-minded invitation to join me on culinary adventures through world cuisines from around the world.

Discover delicious Indo-Chinese dishes (mostly unknown outside India; beloved among Indians and backpackers), incredible Indian feasts, Chinese and Southeast Asian treats and wonders, Italian, French, German and other exciting European vegan variations and converted classics. You’ll find super tasty African medleys from the North, West and East, All-American go-to greats and family favorites, seductive sweets from around the world, and a variety of super-charged salads.

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