Ourselves The Elves – Self is Universe

Ourselves the Elves is a wonderful band that makes fanciful folk that goes into surprising territory and carries a rich constellation of influences. Self is Universe is a strong, staggering debut LP.

“Self is Universe” is a collection of songs lying on the seam between a person’s inner world and the universe around it, tackling themes like empowerment and abuse, sobriety and overindulgence, waywardness and a sense of home — a few of the many molecules that make up the infiniteness of human souls, either and both planets orbiting around entropies or entropies revolving around planets. Hence the album title, and all this done through the band’s signature optimistic lens and a slight sense of humor. Through a bright and diverse range of songs, Ourselves the Elves goes back to their Kidlat Tahimik- inspired ethos (“Pakinggan ang sarili mong duwende / Listen to your inner little voice”), and expands it for the whole cosmos to see.

Self is Universe

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