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Standard Ebooks takes public domain works and publishes them as highly polished free ebooks. Their edition of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ The Communist Manifesto is a very pleasing read.

Perhaps the most influential and widely read political work of the 19th century, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ The Manifesto of the Communist Party succinctly lays out the political theory and history of class struggle.

Following a short introduction, the Manifesto develops over four short chapters, discussing the historical background of class struggle, the relationship of Communists with other socialist and working class movements, a critical review of other contemporary socialist literature and thinking, and finally a brief summary of the Communist position related to the contemporary political situations in various European countries, concluding with the rousing call-to-arms, “Workingmen of all countries unite!”

This edition, translated by Samuel Moore, includes Engels’ own Preface and footnote annotations written for the English edition of 1888.

The Communist Manifesto

The ethos of Standard Ebooks is very appealing. I appreciate their attention to aesthetics.

1. Produce ebooks that embrace the latest ebook technology standards.
2. Produce ebooks aimed at the sensibilities of modern readers that rival commercially-available ebooks in typography and formatting.
3. Produce ebooks with strict code formatting standards and patterns, so that they can be used as a base for other ebook projects.
4. Produce ebooks with rich semantic data and predictable structure that can be easily machine-processed.
5. Enrich and evangelize the worldwide public domain.

The book can be downloaded as an epub for most ereaders or other formats for less standards-compliant ereaders.

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