Flip Grip

One of the best accessories I’ve used with Nintendo Switch is the simple, but essential, Flip Grip. It’s a plastic device that moves the Switch into a tate orientation for playing classic games (many arcade games were made to be played with a vertical rather than horizontal display) and current games that feature vertical options.

There is a list of games that are compatible with the Flip Grip that is about 6 months out of date and there is a steady stream of new games coming out each month. Those are great, but my favourite way to use it is with Nintendo DS emulation that is possible with Switch homebrew. So there are somewhere around 2000 games available to play for anyone lucky enough to have a Switch that can run homebrew.

Meet the Flip Grip, a handheld accessory for vertical-mode gaming on the Switch. A pair of Joy-con rails on either side of the grip allow you to flip the Switch 90 degrees for vertical handheld action.

The Flip Grip makes portable vertical-mode gaming possible. Simply slide the Switch into the Flip Grip, then attach Joy-Cons, and voila — a handheld system capable of playing vertical-mode games without wasting a single pixel of real estate.

The Flip Grip is a collaboration between video game historian and Retronauts founder Jeremy Parish, engineer and designer Mike Choi, and Fangamer.

Flip Grip

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