Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The Xenoblade series has been one of my favourites since I played Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii. I’ve loved each game in the series and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a high point.

The game is a JRPG that carries with it all the weird cultural oddities that suggests, with fan service, cringe-worthy depictions and exaggerated characters. But it also has a complicated, sweeping story, colourful and endearing characters, amazing landscapes, a stellar soundtrack and game play that is rich in mechanics and quality of life features. I won’t go into everything there is to love about the game, because there are in-depth reviews for that.

For me, the overall experience was moving and kept me immersed through the many hours it took to play through. It has thematic ties to the first game in the series, and features character cameos, but it presents a standalone story that addresses politics, religion and relationships with more nuance than the bombastic, epic scale it inhabits would suggest.

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