Unwoman’s Untitled Scary EP No. 1

Unwoman has released a killer EP full of songs perfect for the Hallowe’en season. The standout is an amazing reimagining of the classic Dolly Parton song “Jolene” as being about a Lovecraftian horror. As a patron, I’ve been able to listen to the song for months and it’s one of my favourite things Unwoman has ever done.

Several months ago there was a thing going around the internet, wouldn’t it be funny if the narrator of Dolly Parton’s famous song “Jolene” kept describing her and just got more and more terrifying? I loved the idea of recording a twisted cover, but figured someone already had — but after asking around on Twitter and hearing a couple rough things that weren’t quite what I was looking for, Dan Abbott reached out about collaborating. We met for a few hours and compiled lyrics (Dan writing 3 new verses, the rest coming from Tumblr; I’ve done my best to credit those here) to describe an utterly terrifying scene, and he recorded guitar and vocals including some screaming and moaning that almost made me bust out laughing. I layered some more vocals, cello, cello banjo, field recording of crows in my neighborhood, to make the atmosphere appropriately chilling.


Since it’s impossible to clear copyrights for a song like this, I’ll never officially release this — but it’s subscriber-only here & patreon for about a week, and then I’ll make it public on patreon until someone sues me to take it down. Share as you like.

The Eldritch One, Jolene

The other tracks on the EP are also excellent, and the closing trio of “Everyday Is Halloween”, “Masquerade”, and “Season of the Witch” are a real delight.

Available to the public until November 2 2019 only!

All subscribers are getting this for free — I’ve slightly tweaked the mix of these, so it’s probably worth a download even if you’ve already got all the tracks.

Most songs (not Jolene! too illegal!) will be available on Unwoman’s Holiday album some future year, professionally mastered. But snag it now for super cheap anyway. An evil power you can’t resist says so!

Most songs are covers. “The Eldritch One, Jolene” is a collaboration with Dan Abbott.

Untitled Scary EP No. 1

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