Astig Vegan’s Turon with Jackfruit

Turon is one Filipino food it’s easy to find vegan. This recipe from Astig Vegan presents how to make the delicious wrapped bananas.

There’s no magic trick here. No big, ta-dah moment. No vegan substitutions you need to seek. Turon is a Filipino dish that is traditionally vegan. So what I will be sharing here is the traditional way of making it. That is if you really must have a recipe for it. After all, Turon is so simple to make; you might as well eyeball everything. In other words, not only it’s already vegan, it’s fool-proof to make too.

The traditional Turon has saba bananas covered in brown sugar and wrapped in lumpia wrapper, then fried. It also goes by “Lumpiang Saging” or “Banana Lumpia.” Some say Filipinos invented Turon to deal with the surplus of bananas in the Philippines. The addition of yellow jackfruit in the filling upgrades the regular Turon to “Turon Espesyal.”

Turon with Jackfruit Recipe

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