Stars and Rabbit – “Little Mischievous”

Stars and Rabbit released a new single, “Little Mischievous”, earlier this week. It and the accompanying video are brimming with whimsy.

Little Mischievous featured on the next album Rainbow Aisle.

What is this sound? 

It’s comforting, so does cling to the wall. 

What is this sound? 

It hurts my skin, it makes me frown. 

I need to lean down, 

I can’t move too fast. 

I’m spinning flat. 

Non stop giggle, tears on shed. 

Woo hoo! Stop! 

My jaws are tight can’t get up, 

My hair was attempted to eat me. 

I feel funny, get me out of this frequency. 

Don’t get me wrong, 

I can be a little mischievous, 

You know. 

I need to lean down, 

I can’t move too fast. 

Woo hoo! 

Stars and Rabbit – Little Mischievous (Official Video)

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