The Zombies, Run! Book

We’ve been having a quiet day here in Marikina, and I haven’t been out for a run in a week, so I decided to live vicariously and finish reading Zombies, Run!: Keeping Fit and Living Well in the Current Zombie Emergency.

I’ve been immersed in in the Zombies, Run! world for years, first through the narrative running app and later with the board game and virtual races; I’ve generally enjoyed it, though there were choices that the creators made which frustrated me. This book is free of those frustrations and is a fun read.

The book works within the fictional zombie apocalypse world and doesn’t break the third wall, but it does provide accessible and thoughtful advice for fitness, eating and socializing through that lens. What was especially heartening was that special care was taken to be inclusive of people with diverse circumstances. One notable section, “The Chronically Ill During The Zombie Apocalypse” was especially nice to see and it included the following:

If you are chronically ill, you have probably already developed survival and mental health strategies that you can helpfully share with your community.

[…] Whatever level of energy you have, please know that your contribution is wanted and needed by the people around you!

Aside from the practical advice, there were many good bits of world building that I appreciated as nods to or expansions to the ongoing Zombies, Run! story. The technical details of ROFFLENET, stories from well-known characters and Zobo codes were fun additions.

Of special note was the wonderful illustration and layout work done for the book. This book was as much a joy to flip through as it was to read in detail.

This book isn’t as good an intro to Zombies, Run! as just diving into the app, but it’s a fine starting point for anyone not yet acquainted with it. I’d give it a heartfelt recommendation for anyone looking for a fun way to make inroads on being fitter and going about life better.

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