Pairs is a simple deck of cards that can be used to play dozens of games, including the basic game of Pairs. Cards are numbered 1-10 and each card is present in the deck that same number of times (1×1, 5×5, 10×10). What makes it really wonderful is a wide range of versions of the deck featuring beautiful art.



In 2014 I backed the game’s kickstarter to receive the fantastic Phil and Kaja Foglio deck Muses which features art inspired by their Girl Genius comic. The cards in the deck are stunning and that’s typical of each deck.



Impressive decks of Pairs can be purchased or printed on demand but the basic fruit deck can also be downloaded for free and printed. The rules for 20 games are available in the Pairs Companion Book and another 13 are available as individual downloads. The basic game can be learned in under 4 minutes by watching the how to play video.



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