Run 2019.05.27

It was another rainy run for me after work today. Fittingly, as I was becoming soggy, the characters in the Zombies, Run! mission were underwater and encountering zombies covered in sea life.

LOUISE BAILEY: Look at all those zombies. It’s like The Nightmare Before Christmas meets The Little Mermaid down here.

SAM YAO: Yeah, well, I don’t remember the bit in The Little Mermaid where Sebastian and Flounder ate half the face off King Triton.

PAULA COHEN: [imitates a documentary narration tone] “The aquatic zombie employs many forms of camouflage in its hunt for prey. [LOUISE BAILEY laughs] Observe how that zom below has worked several varieties of native plant into its costume. Note, in particular, the strands of rubbery, bile-green kelp woven between the exposed ribs.”

LOUISE BAILEY: Don’t forget to tell him about the teeth.

PAULA COHEN: “Ah, yes. Observe the undead specimen in the swimsuit. See how the barnacles growing on her incisors have formed what could almost be described as rudimentary tusks.”

LOUISE BAILEY: Got a pair of them growing on her forehead, too. Someone needs to cut herself a fringe.

PAULA COHEN: “Of course, it’s the texture of the skin that sets the sea zombie apart from its land-dwelling cousins. The waxy, almost melted quality – so distinctive.”

SAM YAO: Yeah, yeah, okay, we all get it. Lots of bloated, rotting zombies down there, we know.

LOUISE BAILEY: We hadn’t got to the bloating yet. Nice one, Sam. [SAM YAO groans]

JANINE DE LUCA: Doctor Cohen, bring your dive light around on the zombie swimming towards you on your left. The one with the reddish growths on its skin. Well, what’s left of its skin.

Runner Five, Report! – Season 3, Mission 30: Submission

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