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This weekend I worked to set up a Funkwhale instance on my Raspberry Pi Zero W at a new domain, Funkwhale is an open source music streaming project that allows instances to federate to share music from many servers to users on any of those servers. It’s a bit like GrooveShark, Spotify or YouTube Music but because it is decentralized and free from for-profit interests, it can be more robust.

Funkwhale is a community-driven project that lets you listen and share music and audio within a decentralized, open network.

Upload your personal library to your pod, share it with friends and family, and discover talented creators.

Funkwhale gives you access to your playlists, favorite tracks, and artists everywhere, from our web interface or the wide range of compatible apps for every platform.

Funkwhale consists of many independent pods which can communicate together using standard, free and open source technology.

The network is not tied to any corporation or entity, which gives you independance and choice.

Funkwhale is built from the ground up by a friendly community of contributors.

Because of that, we can offer you an experience free of tracking and ads, and focus on what you need.


I struggled with setting it up a bit, and reached out to the folks who support the project, but was finally able to get everything working. The folks behind the project are great at making documentation accessible and are working to make it a really wonderful way to stream audio. I’m looking forward to podcast support in the future, and the other refinements on the way (I most want native support.).

I haven’t added much to HeyListen yet, but I do have a library where I will share public domain and creative commons licensed music at Freely Given.

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