The Koopa Troop

The Koopa Troop hits me right in my childhood memories. The jazz fusion interpretations of video game soundtracks they produce are thrilling nostalgia bombs. The Tetris theme is just so good. They haven’t released an album yet, but they do have 6 tracks streamable on their site and another 8 performances in videos.

The Koopa Troop brings the nostalgic sounds of video games to life in a quirky 5-piece ensemble. Donning their Nintendo-themed costumes, 5 Toronto jazz musicians embrace their inner nerd and become a live, musical nostalgia machine. Koopa Troop aims to induce flashbacks as they cover all the classic video game soundtracks from Mario to Megaman. Bringing the best video game composers to the forefront, Koopa Troop’s jazz, rock, funk, and swing-infused arrangements bring the epic pixelated melodies of the past into the real world. 

The Koopa Troop is:
– Chelsea McBride/Princess Daisy (sax/flute) 
– Wilson McLeish/ Luigi (guitar) 
– Chris Bruder/Toad (piano) 
– Tom Altobelli/Mario (bass) 
– Tyler Goertzen/Link (drums)

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