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Eberron is easily my favourite D&D setting, and probably my favourite tabletop setting of any kind. It offers a fresh take on fantasy that blends in noir and pulp. Manifest Zone offers a wide exploration of the setting in its podcast episodes, and the contributions of Eberron’s creator, Keith Baker, gives it a lot of authority.

Manifest Zone is a podcast that explores the world of Eberron, the fantasy tabletop RPG setting created by Keith Baker and published by Wizards of the Coast.

In each episode, hosts Keith Baker, Wayne Chang, Kristian Serrano, and Scott Welker discuss aspects of the setting and how to use them in your campaign either as a GM or player.

About Manifest Zone

Here are a few good episodes to start with:

I don’t get to play in Eberron much these days, but I love keeping its ideas and complexities fresh in my mind for when I play next.

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