Heiankyo Alien

When I was a kid my Game Boy was always with me, and one of the games I treasured was Heiankyo Alien, which I’d found in a discount bin. The game had simple mechanics of digging holes to trap aliens, but it stuck with me in a large part because of the music.

Back in 2015 Jeremy Parish covered the game in his Game Boy Works video series and connected it as inspiration for some better known titles. This year he shared a rip of a promotional cassette for the game that sounds better than I remember the game sounding way back when, but immediately hit me with waves of nostalgia.

One of the most influential games of all time makes its way to Game Boy — ironically well after two games that heavily borrowed from its classic design showed up on the platform. Heiankyo Alien may not be as well known as Lode Runner or even Boomer’s Adventure in Asmik World, but neither of those games would exist without its groundbreaking design. The venerable PC is neatly presented here… along with a fancy remake.

Heiankyo Alien retrospective: Pac-Man’s extraterrestrial DNA | Game Boy Works #029

A true video game ephemera classic, this audio cassette was distributed by publisher Meldac to promote the U.S. release of Heiankyo Alien for Game Boy. Given Meldac’s legacy as a jazz label, it should come as little surprise that this tape is loaded with fantastic chip tunes (featuring “Multi Matrix” audio) and a great cover with live instrumentation. The B-side features what appears to have been a recorded message played to customers who called a 900 number, presented in the style of a schlocky 1950s alien invasion radio play. Please enjoy this incredibly clean rip of a 30-year-old cassette (the one pictured here)!

Heiankyo Alien [Game Boy] 1990 Promotional Cassette Tape | Full rip

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