Run An Empire

I started playing Run An Empire last year when it was first released for Android. It’s a game that is a bit like Civilization and similar simulators but uses running, walking or other ways of moving as a way to drive part of the gameplay.

A fun, free motivation to move further! Capture real world places and compete against neighbors with every step you take.

Whether walking to your workplace or running a marathon, capture the places you move through to build a formidable empire. Explore further to collect resources and earn great fortunes. Lead your people from the dawn of time to the Space Age.


CAPTURE and own your street, your neighborhood or your city as you travel on foot or now by BIKE!

TRACK and map your activity from your pocket, using your phone’s GPS.

BATTLE neighbors and friends to capture nearby castles.

Get STATS like distance, calories, speed and see your performance improve.

CUSTOMIZE your banner to fly over your mighty empire.

Connect with STRAVA and leave your phone at home.

It’s time to turn your activity into an adventure. Play NOW!

Run An Empire

I liked it well enough and played for a few months before getting to a point where new progress didn’t feel compelling or obtainable. It was a fun motivator to get out running while it lasted and I would have recommended it as a good way to get started running or walking regularly.

I started playing again when new updates were released earlier this month. I was engaged and enjoying the game again but then hit the level cap and felt the game become boring like it had before. I still think there’s a lot to like about the game, but the big challenge for the developer will be changing the game to be one that can engage for months or years rather than weeks.

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