Saying Goodbye to Marikina

We have enjoyed our time in Marikina, and have seen many beautiful things. It has been nice getting to know Tonet’s family better. I’ll miss the many cats that wander the streets here. I’ll miss the wonderful weather and the surprising sights. It’s sad to be leaving the Philippines, and I’ll carry the good memories with me.

Creatures in Eastern Samar

During my time in Eastern Samar, I’ve been enjoying spotting life all around. Hermit crabs crept along the beaches and crossed the road ahead of us, lizards scurried along walls catching ants, cats stalked about, farm animals were tied along roads, and there were beautiful fish to see swimming.

Some Cats

Marikina has many cats lounging on the street, haunting wet markets and patrolling turf. Many of them have fantastic markings.

Local Creatures

I’ve enjoyed spotting animals around the cities here. A large spider visited the kitchen at the house we are staying in, and a cute dog lives here. Many cats are wandering around and chickens pop in and out of view.